What is Kitslo Mobile Application?

Kitslo mobile app, which can be freely downloaded from the App Store from the date it is published, works in sync with the Kitslo kit. After attaching the Kitslo 3D kit to the lens of your smart phone with the help of the adaptor in the box and opening the Kitslo app, you can start shooting 3D photos. Speaking of the talents of Kitslo mobile app; the app enables turning your photos into 3D by improving them through artificial intelligence and uses special image processing techniques. There are various, attractive and creative effects in the app.

You can make your photos different with Kitslo application. The app is ready to be published, but we keep on working. We regard offering more filters, effects and customizable choices by updating it at times. What about browsing through some effects in the Kitslo mobile app?

Kitslo mobile app is so talented! With fantastic photo filters, you can make your three dimensional photos combining time and dimension more entertaining, meaningful and fancier. You can apply many effects such as Negative Effect 1, Negative Effect 2, Black and White Effect, Zoom Effect, Duotone Effect, Thermal Effect, Analogue Effect 1, Analogue Effect 2, Analogue Effect 3 to your three dimensional photos in a second.
As Kitslo team, we present you the adventure of Kitslo we started in 2018. We will never stop working! Kitslo will be advancing with various photography filters, frames, Retro filters, Vintage filters, effects and more. We will keep on making your social media posts more meaningful, exciting and smarter. Just to let you know, you can use different aspect ratios fit to Instagram story (16:9) and Instagram post (4:3). What’s more, the features and updates will not be limited to these!
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