Kitslo turns your phone to 3D camera

Founded in 2018, Kitslo® is the inventor of 3D camera accessories that can be attached to your phone. We develop patented systems that include lenses and many precision optical components to enhance the mobile photography experience in portable cameras. With Kitslo, you can capture the moment from different perspectives easily and take photos that time freezes and the dimension moves.



We want you to collect more memories

think more, remember more. For everyone to take different photos and add different dimensions to memories. In short, we set out to make it easier


We mean you can do it too. We want to stay away from cheating and scrap, and stay away from show-off, exaggeration and makeup. We support the natural and the real, not the perfect.


We do what we love, not every job, and we want people to do what they love. We love different colors, different patterns and different photos. 


We are here to make our difference arise from our achievements.


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